Friday, August 21, 2009


In the last analysis, love consists in stooping down whereas art consists in stepping up... and we are no more an artist by stooping down than we love by stepping up, which means, if you are still following, that we do not stoop down by stepping up nor do we step up by stooping down. Evidently, evidently... The most distressing are those who crawl with their head high up, but that's another story. :)



  1. Though all in all, surely you must be talking about life itself?

  2. Ahh.. Waittt, "we are no more an artist by stooping down than we love by stepping up,"
    Do you mean we are no more an artist by stepping up than we love by stooping down? or am i just confusing myself with the whole up and downs. Anyway I think get the point though!

    What a hot pair of stripy shorts.

  3. I think the most distressing thing is seeing Richard Simmons stopp'n to the oldies again. He's too hideous and distracting to think of anything else,.

  4. I must say that using Richard Simmons to illustrate anything brings it down to a very sweaty mess.This definition means Richard as artist and lover is steppin'
    and stoopin' like a ...well I must break off here. My wife wants me to step up to the sink and wash the dishes
    while I try to stoop and creep out of the den.My best

  5. @Nikki and Kaori,
    With the artistic approach, the idea of the artist comes first. With the ethical or philosophical approach, the reality which is other than us should prime.

    loooooooooool I like to find something quirky - even silly - to accompany the posts. I couldn't think of anything sillier. :P

    Seems we can't get away from stooping and steppin! ;)

  6. I took it as life itself is art and love. I mean, what else do we all need (other than the daily necessities) to be happy? And although art and love are our main aesthetics, both differ in respect to self integrity. Those who take the wrong approach to either will be the ones "crawling" I reckon? Ah I am so boring sometimes. Good one.

  7. Reminds me a bit of graffiti seen in San Bernardino. Unlike other street art, this post remained scrawled across the building for YEARS. It seemed to change meaning depending upon the day and circumstances:

    "I feel like I've been cheated out of something ...
    but I don't know what it is .."

    Nice blog, by the way. I will be visiting often.

  8. Oh, its been far too long since I visited. Good to see you are still rooting for artists, friend.

  9. It's all about UP. We stoop down to lift someone up, we step up to be higher, better than outselves. I once said to someone that I wished I had more spirituality in my life. He suggested aerobics. I did not take his suggeston.


  10. I have been away :)

    @Nikki,I hear you.

    @Hilbillygirl, Interesting sentence. Glad you stumbled here ;)

    Hope you enjioyed your summer. As you know, Avatar was also an artist at heart.

    Hehe. Nice to see you again :)

  11. That is quite charming, thanks for good reading.