Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Painting by Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905)

The fact that truth belongs to no one, whereas a good is always personal, is the drama of human life. I
n essence, all literature and novels revolve around this, because the cause of jealousy is there: the fear of losing ones' good. Whereas with truth that isn't the case, we don't have the same drama, truth belongs to no one, therefore no one can take it from us... and that's probably why we are not so much on a quest for truth, given that we cannot possess it. Which, for those with a religious faith, begets the following question: is "God" truth or is "God" my good? I ask this because if "God" were only truth, they wouldn't be quarrelling, as sometimes happens, as if they wanted to possess him!

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  1. This word,"TRUTH" and the word "GOD" seem to have been the motive cause behind all human struggle, We each think we can define them and in so doing we slice the world into smaller and smaller pieces. Since no matter how thin we slice anything there are still two pieces
    left;it seems that there can be no end of struggle
    war,famine, and all the ills to which we are prone.