Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Skin is what enables contact with the outside world, in other words with another being. Only those who aren't burnt to the umpteenth degree, or aren't hypersensitive, feel well under their skin, it's easy to understand, and can reach out and touch the others. Those who don't have any skin or only little bits and pieces of skin, are blockheads who stay in their corner and become even more blockheadish, by dint of being blockheadish.

Therefore, look how silly they can be sometimes, when they say "oh him, he feels well in his skin!" What does it mean? If you ask most anyone will retort "Are you silly or what? That means he feels good inside of himself!"... Well no, THEY are the blockheads! Actually, that means that he feels the others well, and that's a whole other ball game. The blockheads, for them, the skin is made to get in touch with themselves. How blockheadish can one get! And thus the numskulls who "find themselves", by getting in touch with themselves, look at themselves, contrary to those who find or look at the others.

I wonder if to feel good in ones' skin, to touch the outside world, and of course to let the outside world touch you, is not something akin to holyness, in lieu of feeling oneself, like the dimwits. One must be easy to please, and to be easy to please one must preferably be perspicacious, with a dash of youthful spirit and a certain purity of heart, else one is not easy to please, there is no way around it. I say this because some are happy to be blockheads, I assure you, positively, there are even more than a few: "I don't get wound up over things"... All right, we're starting to get the picture that you wind up your wrist watch in the morning and not your head!

To make a long story short, it's not too detrimental to be taken for a ride, even if it hurts a bit. In the last analysis you heal well and it's by and large much less cavernous than to find yourself looking at yourself or to look to find yourself, because then you are not at all easy to please, and further it is such a bore, I mean, you do exactly as you please, but it's rather noxious... there is no suspense... just by reading the title one understands the end... it's always the same... a dead giveaway.


  1. I prefer those who LOOK good in their skin as opposed to those who merely feel good in it. If you don't feel good in your skin, perhaps they gave you the wrong size at the birth depot.Of course, the older you get the more the skin develops character( spots, dots, cysts, melanoma, splotches, stretch marks, wrinkles,needle marks,varicose veins, scratches, scars,and sores. All marks of character, wisdom (maybe) and occassional
    purple heart moments.Still, nothing smells as good or looks as good as that delightful creature next to you
    in bed.

  2. Excellent skin deep comments Count! I think the "loking good" expression rings truest if you add "under your skin". ;)

    Thank you for commenting on the lone posts :)