Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The duck laid the egg!

It is not unusual to hear some chuckle inanely when asking the question: "what came first, the egg or the chick?", and who think, with such a demeanour, they can ridicule the intelligent theological analysis manufactured by their fellow man. So I say enough, and you God, you must not lie on this matter, even if you were caught out this time around. So if you don't mind, I will say the truth as it is.

Now then, all this is because few have read the Aztec bible, in which the first text starts as follows: "In the beginning, God created the duck", and then it explains in detail how God asked the duck to go fetch him some loam at the bottom of the pond to craft man, and to what extent the duck was very obedient at the time, that is to say before, on the advice of the meandering one, Georgina should eat the earplugs off the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Don't be silly! The duck made several trips, come now, for I don't know if you looked at how you are built, but he could not have brought up 85k of mud in his bill in only one go! To make a long story short, when God got sufficient material to start the job, he sculptured man over several days. The duck waited by docilely, but since time was moving slowly, inevitably, boredom started to yank at its wings, and it decided to play a prank on God: the duck laid the egg of the chick by pushing very hard from behind.

Needless to describe the speed at which it took off and hid further away, for it gathered that God would only be half amused when he would see what would pop out of the egg. When the chick stuck its head out with exactly the same silly air as Georgina when she puts in her earplugs, the duck laughed out loud, and it cried out to God: "Hey! Check out the peabrained chick that everyone will think you have crafted!" God didn't particularly appreciate the prank, but since his hands were covered in loam, that the duck was some ways off, and that the chick, oblivious to the situation, was walking on his loam, he whacked her a good one, to an extent never seen afterwards, even when Cain made him believe that Abel was doing well and had only gone out for a stroll. It is ever since that day that the little red crest on the head of the chick doesn't quite hold up straight. There, for those who snicker along with Georgina that I think too much: it is the Aztec duck that laid the egg of the chick to play a prank on God... and if you studied your theology instead of just reading People magazine, like Georgina, you might be no less knowledgeable than I am. Hey, I said "might", don't get all excited now!

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  4. You question a duck being able to carry 85k of mud, but not the fact that a duck was serving God?