Monday, January 5, 2009

The Soul

Someone recently asked me: "The soul? What type of thingamajig is that?" The soul, as type of thingamajig, is for example, when you have two different usernames, it is still you. You're chuckling, but some people are persuaded that they live solely by their username, and if it is deleted, there is nothing beyond that. One must absolutely not tinker with their subscription, lest they have excruciating anguishes!

Tis true, you have no experience other than affective of your soul, at least during the period of your subscription, because if your soul leaves your Internet provider, then you become completely free. Plato635 said it a while back, so you see, it's hardly anything new under the sun. Plato635 is about 850.000.000 page views before AOL. Later on, JC specified that upon resurrection each of us would have a glorious username, but this would lead us to a theology of the username, which would be too much to see in one go.


  1. LOL I love the way that you explained the soul using the anolgy of tech talk - being a techie I got a real kick out of it. Gonna check out the rest of your posts - glad that you enjoyed my post on randomness!


  2. Hi Rubex Cube! I'm glad you are following my blog. Actually, I just translated this from a buddy, so his soul isn't lost down here ;)

  3. Ahahaha this is great, good one!! This makes a lot of sense