Friday, September 18, 2009

A suicide of intelligence

These days you are not understood if you say that the primacy of being has been substituted by nothingness. Most people stare at you with a dazed look. Yet, for anyone who has the slightest inkling of metaphysics, it is obvious that being primes over non-being, and that it is well and truly being which is, before nothingness… despite Jean-Saul Partre and the cortege of logy intellectuals of the 20th century. Thus negation has taken front stage, in all spirits, even those of the blockheads.

In short, if one is no longer understood on a metaphysical level, one can nevertheless clearly distinguish the primacy of negation concerning the human person and freedom. In this day and age, in the person we firstly see someone who is ailing (thanks to the psychocretins & co who have reduced the human person to personality), and in freedom the capacity to say “no”, that is to say the most infantile vision of things.

Thus we find the three poles where lies the solution to any problem (the person, truth, freedom) absolutely poisoned by negation: truth is firstly nothingness, the person is firstly ailing, and freedom is firstly saying “no”. If that is not a suicide of intelligence, it strangely resembles it, for what “falls” first in intelligence is being, not non-being, which figures the absence of being, thus the destruction through despair of intelligence, memory and will. Hence, we claim to fecund the spirit firstly with nothingness, that’s a good one, for it is exactly as hallucinating as a farmer who would sow “nothing” whilst prophesizing an unparalleled crop.


  1. Wow, I had to read this 3 times before i could understand it. It's not your writing, it was me not understanding. Very intriguing and gives me a lot to think about.

  2. I think at the bottom of all this negation is plain old unhappiness. An unwillingness to take responsibility for one's condition in life. It's a kind of intellectual cop-out. The modern world is a wasteland, so naturally I'm miserable. Instead of: I'm making myself miserable so naturally I'm miserable. I like the East's concept of nothingness but not the West's.

  3. I have read in many quarters from ancient time to recent that being must be reaffirmed on a daily basis. It would seem to be one thing we can take for granted. But a law of inertia is also something we can take for granted and if we don't claim being constantly, consciously and out loud it will droop into nothingness. And then the nihilists will have their day, proving, or trying to, that nothingness is the true state of being.



  4. I really loved this. Thanks for sharing....I've been looking for intelligent thought provoking musings.

  5. I must ask in all seriousness...what is non-being and how can we possibly know? I cannot envision the relevence of something to nothing. Please enlighten me, Harv. My best. Count Sneaky

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  8. I am a blockhead who is grateful to have a friend like you to introduce me to these consepts.

  9. I say no therefore I am ( or maybe I am not)

  10. It's a kind of intellectual cop-out. The modern world is a wasteland, so naturally I'm miserable

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  11. Oups forgot this thread :/

    This one is indeed not so easy to understand. The author is speaking with years of metaphysics under his belt.

    I get you. I also think some foundations were laid for the broader population to think in a negative mode... It does seem Sartre led several generations to a suicide of their intelligence... a number of close disciples ended up committing suicide-

    Thanks for your thoughts. One thing is for certain, one never gets to the bottom of substance-principle (answer to the question, what is being as being?).

    Thanks for your input. It would be so much better if the originl author ot these musings were around to comment, but unfortunately that is not the case.

    We are all blockheads to one degree or another :D

    hehe :)