Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Radical nostalgias


It would no doubt be sappier to proceed with an analysis of our radical nostalgias rather than a psychoanalysis of the foundations and the bogs.

We would most certainly come across the large beams of the architecture of the soul. I am quite certain that we would extract from it a nostalgia of the artistic perfection, a nostalgia of liberty, of eternity, of love etc., and also a nostalgia of truth... that one is not so common these days, but we would nonetheless find it, at least if we looked long and hard enough... lol


  1. The Count can't resist this one.
    Old Zen saying: Stop chasing truth.
    Just cease to cherish opinion.
    Ok. got that out of my system now I can go back to nostalgia for the "remembrance of things past." Count Sneaky

  2. hehe CS :) I'm not quite sure I get that though... truth sets you free from your... opinions ;)

  3. Nostalgia makes my heart ache in unbidden ways

  4. If you find truth. It will be yours only.
    You will still be at the mercy of other people's various truths. What you oppose,you maintain and invigorate. I think both the world and Proust prove this. Count Sneaky

  5. CS,

    I think we will agree, with Aristotle, that we are more often than not mired in error. However, truth is the good of intelligence...

  6. The Count will agree with you and Aristotle. We are mired in error as long as we keep looking for "truth."
    Intelligence is is a tool we are given to cope with the
    exigencies of life. Awareness comes about when you drop your burden of "truths" and begin to see.
    Count Sneaky