Saturday, May 30, 2009

The gift

There is a link between naivete and the present, that is to say between intelligence and eternity - and not between inaneness and the undetermined.

Intelligence is naive attention, and even tension, mark my word. It is the string
of the bow in tension, the soul as a hunting dog still in its tracks, the sail of a schooner. One must be naive to navigate with a sail, naive not to get oneself an internal combustion engine.

At the beginning the wind was and it blows where and when it wants, no one knows where it orginates nor its destination. So you see, only intelligence limits inaneness, exactly as the infinite limits the unlimited, or as only solitude limits isolation. The present is where one enters into eternity. The present is the gift.

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  1. I feel like you're saying something profound... indeed readers comment here as if they understand your points full well... yet I miss the boat. I've always thought of myself as an intelligent girl- but this post- and others are worded in such a way that I feel like I COULD understand what you mean... but do not... lost in translation so to speak.

    I mean this in the least offensive way possible... and out of an honest desire to understand what you blog about :-)

  2. Haha, thanks for your comment BT :-) this one is a bit obscure even to me (remember, I only translated for my friend). Sometimes, "Avatar" had a way of only hinting at secrets. That's what I like about this post, I have a feeling I understand it, but I don't fully. I appreciate it for its poetic resonance. For the other posts, one difficulty is that the original words have been "corrupted" (eg form which answers the question "what is it?" - ie the intelligibility of a reality). I have tried to define terms in the comments section. Also, in first philosophy, or metaphysics, the beginning sheds a light on the end as much as the end sheds a light on the beginning. Therefore, you shouldn't expect to "get it" straight away, despite being intelligent. I think I need to link terms to give more coherence to the blogposts. Don't hesitate to ask questions on particular terms. This helps me out too! :-)

  3. I do agree the present is the gift. So you mean to say there is no eternity. haha...

  4. Beautiful words. :)

  5. I am the wind. I exist to go where I will. I may leave a mark of my passing or I may vanish in an instant. I do not have the concept of time. It is a meaningless
    concept. There are no limits to me.I come from motion and laws, but, I go I know not where.
    This is all I know. Count Sneaky

  6. im trying soo hard to understand this post =(.

    i checked out orgonite :S. thanks for the tip? hehe

  7. Deep thinking involved here. I feel that you and I are going to get along very well together. I am a writer (articles for newspapers and magazines) and boy are you a source of ideas...

    As for being naive, I think it's got to do with how exposed you are to life situations. I have observed that the weathered characters are always smarter than the ones who had grown up in a protective shell.

  8. @Annette,
    Don't try too hard, I (the translator) can't spell it's radical meaning myself. ;)

    Wow, that is a compliment. Just one thing, I have translated this for my friend (who passed away). And I do agree with your comment. In fact, my friend ("Avatar") was more of a "weatheres character" than not. :)

  9. I really like your makes me think! Thinking is such a wonderful thing, too... Far too often I encounter people who gave up on 'thinking' and chose instead to believe without questioning.

  10. I love this post, and I love the comment too!!
    Carpe diem ;)