Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mundane babble

Scribitur ad narrandum, non ad probandum.

This is yet again a dialectic... lol

I'm dead serious, a dialectic consists in opposing two things which are not of the same order.

On the one hand I can write and relate without proving anything, and on the other hand I can write and prove whilst relating.

So, granted, I know one can also write without relating nor proving anything, but in that case, you head straight out the door, you take the first left beyond the traffic light, and you can't miss it, under the lime tree, the tables outside, yes, the people who speak loudly, it's written in plain letters at the top of the entrance: "Mundane Babble". Hum, no, don't tell them I sent you, you would not get a welcome drink! lol

Credit photo: Jim Linwood

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  1. I'm one of Mundane Babble's biggest fans ;)

    Although I call it Spewage :P

  2. We engage in idle chatter because we are waiting. It's as though something in us or about us has died and we are sitting in this waiting-room waiting for whatever comes next. Scribo ad diem consummendum, nequiquam garriens, obscure exspectans.

  3. @Rica,
    Actually, Avatar liked to go down to the "pub". So do I, now and again ;)

    Indeedum ;)

  4. Great searching, it shows you have great knowledge, visit my blog and post comments

  5. The count would have loved to have spent some time in the pub with Avatar. Still slowly recovering. It will be a rather long recuperation, I suspect, but I'm able to get some blog time in every day. Stay Well, Harvey. Count Sneaky

  6. I often partake in mundane babble, but sometimes I have a point. haha.

  7. @Count Sneaky,
    I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. I understand it will take some months before you feel close to 100 per cent. Here is to you Count! chin.

    Leave your point at the front door please ;-)