Monday, May 4, 2009

What I wanted to say

To a certain extent, faithfulness is to love what metaphysics is to intelligence, yes, that's what I wanted to say. I saw this in a very distinct manner, a few years back, and that's it. Yet I had never quite said it like that before, although one could very well say it like that. Lol

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  1. You have such a gift in blogging,,,
    I admire you...
    This one makes sense to me...

  2. It would seem that the inherent nature of love is attention. Attention that is constant, which is the very definition of love. When faithfulness is no longer there, neither is attention except in a negative sense.
    It then seems that it is impossible to exhaust love when faithfulness is there.Is this what you had in mind,Harvey? My best. Count Sneaky